Orao emulator

Orao computer was constructed by Miroslav Kocijan. Serial production of Orao computer was started in 1984. by company "PEL Varaždin", and it was primarily intended for use in schools.

Orao emulator v1.34 serves for emulating Orao computer on Windows operating system. Emulation core is 6502 emulation, made by Marat Fayzullin.

Orao emulator v1.5 is actually a completely new version of the emulator with new 6502 emulation and support for undocumented instructions. Introduced is a new .tap file format, but the old format is also supported.

Command line switches:
 -lng hr | en   Language Croatian / English 
 -ver 103 | 102   Orao ROM version 
bold = default


Orao emulator v1.34
Orao emulator v1.34 source code
Orao emulator v1.5

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