Orao 2008

Orao 2008 is an Orao 2007 computer modified with an IDE interface, interrupt generator, sound with SID6581 and color graphics with TMS9918A integrated circuit. Orao 2008 is fully compatible with the original Orao, and the ROM has been expanded with support for all additional hardware. A minimal version of DOS is built in to make it easier to load or save programs, print catalogs, and work with files. The ROM also incorporates KRUSADER (Ken’s Rather Useless Symbolic Assembly Development Environment) for development in Assembler programming language.

ORAO 2008 - Closed ORAO 2008 - Open
ORAO 2008 - Color graphics ORAO 2008 - Interrupt generator
ORAO 2008 - Video switch ORAO 2008 - IDE interface and sound with SID6581
Orao 2008 - Schematic Orao 2008 - Printed circuit board design

Orao 2008 in operation

music with SID6581 inside interrupt PACMAN in color
Color graphics 1 Color graphics 2

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